Learn German - Goethe Hören B1 Exam - Voice with text and translation

 Goethe exam for B1 level, the auditory part, is one of the most important and difficult parts of the exam

In this lesson, we will introduce you to this part in an easy, simple and translated way

Goethe-Hören-B1-Exam - Voice-with-text-and-translation

Hello, Jens! Here is mom. I hope You are fine! In the meantime I'm on my way to Cologne. It's a shame I couldn't reach you because I remembered I forgot to wash your gym clothes. You said you urgently need them for the competition on Sunday. But that's no problem at all, you'll wash them yourself now.

So watch out, that's how it works.
The clothes are already in the machine.
You put a measuring cup of washing powder in the small container on the top left, namely in container number 2 in the container to the right where the small flower is on it, you put the fabric softener a capful out of the pink bottle, which is to the left of the washing machine on the small shelf.
Then you set the temperature controller to 60 degrees so that things get nice and clean,

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