Wörterbuch der Lebensmittel Dictionary of Foods - Free PDF

 Everything that's on the table - from eel to onion, from staple foods to delicacies: Cole presents the food product information in 12,000 terms (English-German, German-English).

2000 scientific names of edible plants and animals are listed next to the Latin name with the corresponding German and English trivial names. Thematic fields (clusters) make it easier to search for words. The following main topics are covered: Fruits, vegetables, cereals Spices, mushrooms, algae Meat, game & poultry Dairy products Fish & seafood Baked goods Sugar & confectionery Fats & oils Beverages Ingredients & additives. As a working tool and translation aid, this dictionary is suitable for students and teachers of nutrition and food sciences as well as for everyone working in the food industry and trade, gastronomy and kitchen. The new Cole - in proven quality and competence!


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