Easy German Step by Step - Free PDF

The best route to learning German starts with a solid grounding in the basics--and that's exactly what Easy German Step-by-Step provides.

You won't find a lot of pointless discussion; instead, you get a unique step-by-step approach to learning German, with important concepts linked together by clear explanations, appropriate exercises, and helpful answers.

The first steps introduce you to the most common German expressions, enabling you to communicate in everyday situations almost immediately. From there, you're led through a series of interconnected steps taking you from simple to more-challenging concepts at your own pace; along the way are increasingly difficult exercises for practicing what you've learned. This step-by-step approach provides the confidence and tools you need to understand German in no time.

Easy German Step-by-Step features:A unique “building-block” approach to mastering grammar, verbs, and vocabulary
Easy-to-grasp descriptions of essential rules and concepts
Key verbs and hundreds of key terms introduced on the basis of frequency
Numerous exercises that give you valuable practice
Access to a FREE flashcard app for studying and practicing on the go


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