Hallo anna 1 deutsch fur kinder - PDF + Audio

The benefit of learning German for children

There are many benefits to learning German for children, including:

Linguistic benefits: German helps children develop basic language skills, such as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It also helps them learn a new language easier in the future.


Cultural Benefits: The German language helps children learn about German culture and other German-speaking cultures.

Professional Benefits: German is an important language for business and science. Learning German can help children get better job opportunities in the future.

Here are some specific benefits of learning German for children:

Improved language skills: Studies have found that learning a language at an early age can help children develop basic language skills faster and more easily.

Increase self-confidence: Learning a language can help children feel self-confident and self-esteem.

Open new horizons: Language learning can help children learn about new cultures and broaden their horizons.

Of course, learning any new language takes effort and time, but learning German can be a very enjoyable and beneficial experience for children.

Here are some tips to help children learn German:

Start early: The earlier children start learning German, the better.

Make it fun: Use fun games and activities to make language learning more fun for kids.

Focus on speaking: Speaking is the most important skill in learning any language. Encourage the children to speak German as much as possible.

Find support: There are many resources available to help children learn German on our website.

New edition with even more drawings and games in a modern layout: This guarantees even more variety, attractiveness and fun in the classroom!

The first volume of the course is aimed at 6-year-old children who are just learning to read and write in their mother tongue. In the first school year, the focus is on developing speaking and listening skills. The natural urge to play and exercise in children in this age group is also taken into account.

The two main characters of the book, the likeable Anna and the cheeky Benno, teach their peers the basic vocabulary and idioms. They also provide information about the country.

Learning is fun for children because learning involves:

attractive drawings and photos

narrative introductions to the tasks

rousing songs sung by young German singers

funny comics

Game tasks and tricks

picture dictionary

Project and handicraft tasks including handicraft materials 

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