Miteinander English + PDF + CD

 For those who have not yet started, for those who are still at the A1 level, for those who face difficulties in the beginning, for those who are confused in the large number of courses,

for those who want to establish themselves in the German language through self-study based on the Arabic language that they may not master yet, for school students and students of years The first in the German language departments in universities, for those studying family reunification, I dedicate this important foundation course to you.

Now we publish the course - exclusively for group members - with excellent scanner photography + high quality audio.

 : About the chorus

- In the course, there is an explanation in Arabic for learners who do not have any previous

 knowledge of the German language

- Colorful educational book 4 colors with illustrations and 4 audio CDs

There are 25 lessons in the course to prepare for the Start Deutsch 1 test

- In the course there is a practice test for the first test in the German language

The course gives an overview of the German language in a short time

The course helps you learn to speak and understand German

Miteinander - PDF - CD

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