German Story - Claudia Mallorca - A1 - PDF

 Real reading at level A1! Short, simple sentences create a film in the reader's inner eye - people who meet with their feelings, their hopes, their dreams and desires and influence each other's destiny.

The Hueber reading novelas offer real reading material on a conceivably simple linguistic level: reading fun that is not dampened by didactic measures; the great feeling of being able to enjoy authentic reading experiences even at this early stage of learning; the chance to simply let yourself be carried away by what is happening and almost to forget that you are reading the "difficult" target language: summer, sun, beach. The ideal conditions for a flirt. But Claudia, a young doctor, is frustrated. After the last relationship she is fed up with men. Lucy, her twin sister, wants to help. She has an interesting idea how Claudia can find a new man.

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German-Story - Claudia-Mallorca - A1 - PDF

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