German Conversation for A1 - Translated

 Conversations make your language learning more fun and easy, through which you can learn words in the context of the sentence

In this A2 level conversation lesson, she talks about two friends who are talking and one asks the other about his mother tongue or the language of his family before they move to Germany and whether he speaks it or not.

German - Conversation - for - A1 - Level

Firma Telect ..guten Morgen .

Telect Inc. Good morning.

Guten Morgen ,mein Name ist Müller .Ist Frau Söll da bitte ?

Good morning. My name is Mueller, please. Is Mrs. Zoll here?

Guten Morgen Herr....Entschuldigung ,wie ist Ihr Name ? 

Good morning sir....sorry, what is your name?

Müller ,ich buchstabiere M-Ü-L-L-E-R 

Müller, I spell M-Ü-L-L-E-R

Ah ja Herr Müller ،einen Moment bitte

Ah yes, Mr. Müller, one moment please

Herr Müller .. Tut mir leid Frau Söll ist nicht da 

Mr Müller ..I'm sorry Mrs Söll isn't here

ja ,danke aufwiederhören

yes thanks goodbye


Goodbye / Use with phone calls

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