German Book - Die Deutschprofis A1 - PDF + Audio

 Learn German like the pros – now with the new textbook “Die Deutschprofis” for children aged 8 and over.

The sub-volume A1.1 with integrated exercise book as well as audios and clips online contains 6 lessons. An introductory page for each lesson introduces the topic, at the end of each lesson an end page offers creative tasks and games, projects and texts. After 6 lessons, the book offers skills training. The series “Die Deutschprofis” prepares you for the following exams: Goethe certificate A1: Fit in German, Goethe certificate A2: Fit in German, Goethe/ÖSD certificate B1 and DSD I.

German - Book-Die- Deutschprofis -A1 - PDF - Audio

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