German Book - Duden – Das Bildwörterbuch - PDF

 What do you call the bar that separates the goods at the supermarket checkout? What parts does a wind turbine consist of and how is a camera constructed? You will quickly and precisely recognize how an object is correctly named and what a word means: The completely revised picture dictionary presents illustrations on all important areas of life on around 500 colored pages.

The new edition was expanded, for example, to include the areas of "Care", "Electric Mobility" and "Renewable Energies". Around 30,000 terms are shown clearly and simply through direct image assignment. Many technical terms are also taken into account. In the alphabetical register you will find all the terms shown in the book. The new Duden picture dictionary is an inexhaustible source for German professionals and beginners: for everyone who translates, for writers, journalists, for people who want to discover new words, for teachers and learners, for all those who love detail and language.

German-Book - Duden – Das-Bildwörterbuch - PDF

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