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German- Story-Das -Gewürz·museum -in -Hamburg

The Spice Museum in Hamburg is a special museum.

             In a museum, people can see special things.

             These things are often very old.

             And these things are often very valuable.

Here visitors get a lot of information about spices.

The name of the museum is Spicy's.

             Spicy's is an English word.

             It means sharp.


The Spice Museum is in the Speicherstadt.
The Speicherstadt is a special place in Hamburg.

The Speicherstadt is at the port.
There are many very old houses in the Speicherstadt.

People used to store goods in these houses.
For example:
             •  Coffee.
             •  Spices.
             • Or carpets.


Traders used to bring a lot of spices to Hamburg.
For example with ships.
The spices were from all over the world.

And many of these spices were very expensive.
That's why some people in Hamburg made a lot of money with spices.


In the Spice Museum you will learn, for example:
• What spices are there?
• Where do these spices come from?
• What can you do with these spices?

• And how do these spices taste?
You can taste the spices too.
Various events are also held in the Spice Museum:

For example lectures.
Or special exhibitions.
And the Spice Museum offers various tours through the Speicherstadt.

For example with a small ship.
More information
The address of the Spice Museum is:
At Sandtorkai 34
20457 Hamburg

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