German Book - Motive A2 - PDF + CD

 Motive A2: a German textbook for A2-level learners of German as a foreign language. The book is designed to teach students the German language in a compact and effective way.

German Book - Motive A2 - PDF + CD

Motive A2 is divided into 10 units, each of which focuses on a different everyday situation, such as shopping, going to the doctor, or traveling. Each unit includes a variety of activities, such as dialogues, reading comprehension exercises, and grammar drills. The book also includes a workbook and audio CD.

The workbook provides additional practice exercises, and the audio CD includes recordings of all the dialogues in the book.

Motive A2 is a well-structured and comprehensive textbook that provides learners with a solid foundation in the German language. It is a good choice for students who are new to German or who want to improve their language skills quickly.

Here are some of the features of Motive A2:

Clear and concise explanations of grammar and vocabulary

A variety of engaging and interactive activities

A focus on communicative language skills

A separate workbook and audio CD for additional practice

A clear and easy-to-use layout

A variety of authentic materials

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