German Book - Wortschatz & Grammatik C1 - PDF

 Vocabulary & Grammar C1 is an exercise book for level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) The book is divided into two parts: vocabulary and grammar.

German Book - Wortschatz & Grammatik C1 - PDF

The vocabulary section includes 600 words and phrases, which are divided into five subject areas:

Communication and personal relationships

Housing, nutrition and health

Media and culture

politics and society

Each subject area begins with an overview of the most important words and phrases. This is followed by exercises in various learning areas, such as:

Vocabulary repetition

Vocabulary expansion

Vocabulary application


The grammar part covers the most important grammar rules at level C1. The rules are explained and practiced using examples.

The exercises in the grammar section are divided into different levels of difficulty. In this way, learners can specifically improve their grammar skills.

Study tips

The book also contains numerous learning tips to help learners learn the content effectively.

Target Group

Vocabulary & Grammar C1 is aimed at learners who want to improve their knowledge of the German language to level C1. The book is suitable for both self-study learners and course learners.


Vocabulary & Grammar C1 is a well-structured and informative exercise book. It offers a comprehensive and varied selection of exercises to help learners improve their vocabulary and grammar skills at level C1.

The exercises are understandable and easy to follow. The learning tips are helpful and motivating.

Overall, Vocabulary & Grammar C1 is a recommended exercise book for learners at level C1.

The trainer offers varied exercises on all important subject areas for vocabulary and grammar at level C1 (much advanced level):

- with lots of learning tips and solution parts

- Very clearly laid out with numerous illustrations for illustration

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