German Book - Deutsch für Pflegekräfte - PDF + Audio

a workbook with practical relevance and didactics that make learning easier
‎- Exercise tasks and conversation situations based on the nursing process ‎

German Book - Deutsch für Pflegekräfte - PDF + Audio

‎- Worksheets, vocabulary lists, anatomical illustrations, case studies, formulations for anamnesis, lists of abbreviations, summary information on the most important diseases, etc. ‎

‎- Plus: All dialogues and examples are on the included audio CD ‎

‎Do justice to your nursing skills linguistically! Communication is one of the most important working tools, especially in nursing professions. A wide variety of conversations with a wide variety of content are held here with patients, relatives, teammates, therapists and doctors. 

And it often involves important information that affects a person's health.

Communication serves diagnostics and often also therapy. 

International nursing staff in clinics or in outpatient care services not only have to find their way around the technical terms, but also with the cultural peculiarities of the language. 

The communication trainer “German for Nurses” helps to master this challenge. 

Using recognized methods, international nursing staff learn to orientate themselves and express themselves in the German hospital and healthcare system. 

Example dialogs, exercises and vocabulary lists make learning and understanding easier. ‎

‎Plus: All dialogues and examples can be heard on the included audio CD ‎

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