German Book - ‎Deutsch Intensiv - Wortschatz B2 ‎- PDF

Deutsch Intensiv - Wortschatz B2 is an exercise book aimed at helping students learn and acquire German vocabulary at B2 level.

German Book - ‎Deutsch Intensiv -  Wortschatz B2 ‎- PDF

The book includes:

A comprehensive list of words and phrases arranged by topic.

Various exercises to practice using new words in different contexts.

An appendix containing basic German grammar.

This book is a useful resource for students preparing for German language tests

About 1,000 words, phrases and sentences at level B2, organized by topic (e.g. migration, authorities and institutions, literature, history, etc.)

Various exercises to consolidate and deepen vocabulary

Clear introductory pages containing vocabulary for individual subject areas

Repetition of important B1 vocabulary for each topic and B1 self-test

Providing effective learning strategies

With answer keys for all exercises

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