German Book - Menschen im Beruf - Pflege A2 - PDF + Audio

Menschen im Beruf Pflege is a German book series for learners who want to work in nursing. The series consists of three levels:

This is the first book in this series and you can find the rest of our series here on our website

German Book - Menschen im Beruf - Pflege A2 - PDF + Audio

The book aims to:

Developing German language skills

Teaching professional terminology

Provide information about the German healthcare system

Preparing learners for the Deutsch-Test für den Pflegeberuf

Book features:

Communication approach: The book focuses on the communication skills necessary to work in the field of nursing.

Realistic content: The book includes realistic scenarios from daily life in the field of nursing.

Various activities: The book includes a variety of activities to develop German language skills and professional terminology.

CD included: The book includes a CD containing audio recordings of dialogues and texts.

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