German Book - Schritte International Neu A1.2 - PDF + Audio

 Schritte International Neu A1.2:
 It is for learning German for beginners. This book aims to help you build a strong foundation in the German language at the A1.2 level according to the European Framework for Action

German Book - Schritte International Neu A1.2 - PDF + Audio

Here are some of the key features of the Schritte International Neu A1.2:

Level A1.2: This book is suitable for learners who have a basic knowledge of the German language and can understand sentences and phrases commonly used in everyday situations.

Clear Structure: All the lessons in the book follow a clear structure for easy learning.

New audio storyboards: Each lesson begins with an audio storyboard to spark your interest in the topic.

Diverse texts and interesting topics: The book presents a variety of interesting texts and topics that will help you learn the German language in an enjoyable way.

Inductive Grammar: The inductive grammar approach used in the book helps you understand German grammar better.

Preparation for practical life: The book contains lessons to prepare for practical life to learn useful vocabulary and phrases in the work environment.

Promoting learner independence: The book supports self-learning through pages dedicated to grammar and linguistic methods, with exercises and teaching aids.

Phonics Supplement: The book includes a phonetics supplement to help you improve your German pronunciation.

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