German Book - C - Grammatik - C1/C2 - PDF

C-Grammar is a practice grammar for learners at levels C1 and C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is suitable both as additional material to accompany the course and for individual work.

The grammatical phenomena are introduced in each part through illustrated examples and then used and repeated through progressive exercises. In addition, each topic contains clearly structured tables on the grammatical forms and clearly arranged notes and information on specific use. The subject areas of the exercises are chosen to be entertaining and appealing, the learner deepens the grammatical structures and learns new things along the way. Vocabulary from everyday and working life is learned at the same time. Different forms of exercise make the learning process varied and therefore motivating. A solution booklet is included with the book. 

German - Book - C - Grammatik - C1-C2 - PDF

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