German Book - Aspekte neu B2 - PDF + Audio

 Aspekte neu B2 is a German textbook used by students at level B2 of the Common European Foreign Language Framework.

German Book - Aspekte neu B2 - PDF + Audio

The book contains:

10 units covering a variety of topics relevant to everyday life.

A variety of texts including essays, stories, poems and dialogues.

Comprehensive exercises to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

A grammar supplement with comprehensive references to German grammar.

Audio CD containing all listening recordings in the book.

Aspekte neu B2 is a comprehensive resource for students of German at level B2. Highly recommended for those looking to improve their German language skills in a real-life context.

Here are some of the key features of the book:

A communicative approach that focuses on the use of the German language in effective communication.

A variety of texts and materials that interest and motivate students.

Comprehensive exercises that challenge students and help them learn German effectively.

Attractive, user-friendly design makes learning fun.

If you're looking for an excellent German textbook for B2 level, Aspekte neu B2 is a great choice

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