German Story - Gefährlicher Ausflug - PDF + Audio

Gefährlicher Ausflug (A Dangerous Journey) The novel is about two teenagers, Marie (15) and Tim (10), who are vacationing for the first time in the North Sea, in a small country house in Ostfriesland.

German Story - Gefährlicher Ausflug - PDF + Audio

One day, Mary and Tim decided to go for a walk along the coast. Despite their parents' warnings not to go too far, they ignore the warnings and soon find themselves lost in the woods.

As darkness falls, fear grows for Mary and Tim. They face many dangers, including wild animals and harsh natural phenomena.

Finally, after a long and exhausting journey, Mary and Tim are able to find their way home. However, their terrifying experience left a deep impact on them.

Gefährlicher Ausflug is an exciting, suspense-filled story that deals with themes such as fear, survival and responsibility.

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