German Book - Das Leben A2 - PDF + Audio

 Das Leben A2 is a German textbook for level A2 The book aims to help learners develop their basic German language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

German Book - Das Leben A2 - PDF + Audio

Book components:

Course Book (Kursbuch): Explains basic German grammar and vocabulary in a clear and straightforward way.

Exercise Book (Übungsbuch): Provides a variety of exercises to help learners practice their newly acquired language skills.

Book features:

Suitable for level A2: The book is specially designed for beginner learners with a basic knowledge of the German language.

Clear and concise explanations: presents grammar and vocabulary in an easy-to-understand manner.

Variety of exercises: Ensures the practice of all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) through diverse and interesting exercises.

Real-life situations: The book focuses on real-life situations that learners in German-speaking countries are likely to encounter.

Integrated Media: The book comes with access to online resources, including audio recordings, videos, and interactive exercises.

book's content:

Das Leben A2 consists of different modules covering a wide range of topics relevant to beginner learners, including:

Greet people and introduce yourself

Talk about family and friends

Describe yourself and others

Talk about home and hobbies

Shopping and ordering food and drinks

Travel and transportation

Express time and date

Talk about the past, present and future

Use of Das Leben A2 book:

The book can be used individually or in German language classes.

It is recommended to work with a teacher or language learning partner to make the most of the book's content.

It is important to practice speaking German as much as possible alongside working on the exercises in the book.

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