German Book - Grammatik leicht A2 - PDF

Grammatik leicht A2 is a German grammar book for level A2

German Book - Grammatik leicht A2 - PDF

Book features:

Grammar explained simply: The book provides a clear and concise explanation of basic German grammar.

Various exercises: The book provides a variety of exercises to help learners practice their newly acquired language skills.

Real-life examples: The book uses real-life examples to explain grammar in context.

Attractive design: The book features an attractive design that makes it easy to use.

book's content:

Grammatik leicht A2 consists of different modules covering a wide range of grammatical topics, including:

Noun and adjective: noun and adjective conjugations and their plurals.

Pronouns: Types of pronouns and their uses.

Verbs: Conjugations of verbs in the present, past and future tense.

Tense: The use of different tenses in the German language.

Sentences: types of sentences and their structure.

Punctuation: The use of different punctuation marks in the German language.

Using the Grammatik leicht A2 book:

The book can be used individually or in German language classes.

It is recommended to work with a teacher or language learning partner to make the most of the book's content.

It is important to practice speaking German as much as possible alongside working on the exercises in the book.

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